People with disabilities to open a good shop to create milk

People with disabilities to open a good shop to create milk

everyone knows the importance of health, but there are too many unfair life, many people will be a variety of reasons for the cause of disability. Disability is not terrible, terrible is never give up. In spite of the fact that the protagonist is a disabled person, but unremitting efforts, relying on soybean milk shop, thus creating a different kind of life.

hee bustling Rangrang Shenzhen city Guangdong Baoan District Meiji Street tail water community, recently newly opened a shop Soybean Milk. Store is not large, about 20 square meters, bright yellow color decoration, looks neat and full of vitality. read more

Small business to choose a good product franchise USB

with the development of society and the progress of science and technology, a variety of high-tech products into millions of households, of which the most typical is the electronic products. The Internet era, the rapid development of electronic products, USB product interface products with fashion, sophisticated, practical, energy-saving and other characteristics, is very popular with the computer family. With the popularity of computers, its business opportunities are to be excavated. Open a USB interface products franchise stores, for those who want to engage in small business is a very good choice. read more

What are the projects with low cost

low cost entrepreneurship so many people are very happy, and now there are a lot of people are very fond of doing investment in such an industry, and in the end what projects are low-cost investment? Today we look at those suitable for low-cost entrepreneurial projects.


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How to manage the dangerous goods transport vehicle in Dazhou

in the process of transportation, there are a lot of vehicles do not follow the procedures, resulting in a huge potential risks, how to manage these vehicles, people become more concerned about the topic. So, how to manage the dangerous goods transport vehicles in Dazhou? The following and Xiaobian together to understand.

from August 1st onwards, Dazhou dangerous goods transport vehicles will be the use of electronic waybill management. This means that every step of the vehicle transport are monitored by the management department, once the vehicle is found to violate the security violations of the industry, will be severely punished in a timely manner. read more