Arts hub for Adelaides Heaven

first_imgWhere you would once go for “one night in Heaven”, the nightclub that housed so many Greek singers, Greek nights and NUGAS events will be turned into a Creative Hub in December. Heaven’s second iteration – at Pirie Street’s St Pauls complex – has been shut down once and for all, after the club itself stopped operating last year.The state government’s new incentive will see more than 200 artists, musicians and entrepreneurs expected to pack the former Heaven nightclub building on Flinders Street each day. The Planning Department has lodged plans for the old St Paul’s church building on the Pulteney St corner.The hub will offer a range of memberships options for individuals and groups, as well as sponsored fellowships and scholarships; it will open 24/7 but amplified music will stop after 11pm; the government expects 200 members to use the hub each day, and more in the lead-up to major arts festivals; the hub will span over two levels and make use of the former nightclub’s stages and dressing rooms, and; there will be no structural changes to the local heritage-listed building but $150,000 will be spent on basic improvements such painting, wiring and plumbing. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Almost twothirds cite pay as the primary reason they come to work

first_imgAlmost two-thirds (62%) of UK employee respondents cite pay as the primary reason they come to work, compared to 49% of respondents across Europe, according to research by human resources management software provider ADP.Its survey, which polled 2,518 employees across France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the UK, also found that 13% of UK respondents come to work because they love what they do; this compares with 26% of staff based in the Netherlands.Jeff Phipps (pictured), managing director at ADP UK, said: “Every employee is motivated by a multitude of different factors however our research shows how the split between financial and non-financial motivations can have important implications for employee engagement and satisfaction.“Engagement is proven to be an important factor in both employee productivity and overall organisational success, and these findings show concerns in the UK regarding [employee] engagement, with many not feeling motivated by their roles.”Around a fifth (19%) of UK respondents think about quitting their current role at least every week and 9% think about quitting their job most days. This compares to 11% and 6% among respondents from other European countries.Of those respondents who stated that they work to pay for things they want or need, 16% feel frustrated when they get paid, and a further 27% feel disappointed. However, of those who feel that they love what they do and the organisation they work for, only 12% feel frustrated when they get paid, and 9% feel disappointed.Phipps added: “UK leaders should think carefully about how they can engage their employees, creating dialogues with employees and processes whereby [employees] can develop their passions and do what they love.“Our research shows that [employees] who feel less motivated by their roles and more motivated by money are less likely to feel involved in their [organisation’s] mission and values, meaning less engagement and lower retention. Employers have an important role to play in reversing this trend, creating policies that build a committed workforce and lead to high-performing [organisations].”last_img read more

The Castle of 99 Towers – Polands Moszna was a Knights Templar

first_imgMoszna is magical. When taking the route that connects Prudnik and Krapkowice in the western part of Upper Silesia in Poland, it’s a little confusing to come across a refreshment stall and souvenir booth on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. No doubt intrigued, any traveler may choose to slow down and explore, and if so, notice a sign next to the stalls pointing towards Moszna, a small village in the Opole Voivodeship, 22 miles away from the capital, Opole, and 75 miles from the city of Wroclaw.Take this road and see where it leads, and the traveler discovers a road filled with countless stalls like the first, and only to be met by the sight of a spectacular castle at the end. The 19th-century Pałac w Mosznej, or Moszna Castle, is one from which fairytales are made of. And when seen firsthand, such fairytales truly come alive.Moszna is a gigantic dreamlike structure spread over 8,400 square yards, an edifice that at first glance, with its grand design and enormity, suggests an English castle from the Elizabethan era. Yet when seen up close, Moszna shows an eclectic style, the result of the place being home to different families, at different times.Part of the castle’s garden. By Silar – CC BY 2.5.And with a history dating back as far as the middle of the 17th century, the place has an interesting story of how a castle composed out of three highly different sections, all built in three very distinctive architectural styles, came to look so mesmerizing and eerie at the same time.Interior of the castle. By Napoleon.c – CC BY 3.0.There are many legends and facts behind how these walls were erected and joined together to form the striking structure dubbed the “castle of the 99 towers.”The name of the village is derived from the surname of a Moschin family who, at the dawn of the 14th century, bought a large estate and moved there. During those times, the village was part of Łącznik parish, one of the church’s many properties held throughout Europe. As the story goes, this family, close to the church, purposely moved there, a village that almost nobody knew existed, to run a monastery and provide shelter for the Knights of the Temple of Solomon. According to local legend, in its early years Moszna was not a castle but a monastery run by the Order of The Knights Templar. This did not last long, as their last leader was sent to the stake in 1314 and the Templars were hunted down, disbanding soon after.The castle was owned by the Tiele-Winckler family from 1866 to 1945. By Jarek19651 – CC BY-SA 3.0 pl.However, bearing in mind that all supposed facts from those early days are murky, to say the least, and taking into account that the Order was a secretive organization, this story is hard to confirm. However, investigations that were carried out centuries later found very old cellars buried deep beneath the gardens of the castles, adding a spark of intrigue to a story already rooted in folklore.It contains 365 rooms and 99 spires. By PolandMFA / Mariusz Cieszewski – CC BY-ND 2.0.Whether true or only a sentimental story passed from generation to generation, this legend was of interest to the von Skall family, the first ever formally recorded owners who bought the estate in 1679 and built the foundations of the present castle.The east wing of the castle. By Poconaco – CC BY-SA 4.0.According to historical evidence, George Wilhelm von Reisewitz, Great Marshal at the court of Frederick the Great (King of Prussia from 1740 until 1786), and cousin to Urszula Maria von Skall, the very first owner of the Moszna estate, inherited the place after she passed away in 1723. He began remodeling his newly inherited home to his liking, and in no time an aristocrat inhabited an extravagant castle built upon the grounds where once Templars slept, a story that was sold as such among his friends in the aristocracy. Now, his former home forms the baroque center of Moszna Castle.It is one of the best-known monuments in the southern part of Poland. By Bochnaank – CC BY-SA 3.0 pl.Jorge Luis Borges, the renowned Argentine novelist, once shared his thoughts on the exuberant style, “I would define the baroque as that style that deliberately exhausts (or tries to exhaust) its own possibilities and that borders on self-caricature. The baroque is the final stage in all art when art flaunts and squanders its resources.” In the same manner, George Wilhelm von Reisewitz squandered his resources, and the von Reisewitz family lost the estate in 1771. Unable to afford its upkeep, they were forced to auction the place. Thus the castle fell into the ownership of Heinrich Leopold von Seherr-Thoss, whose family owned another castle as well as many properties nearby in Dobra village.This family owned Moszna up until another Thoss, Karl Gotthard Seherr-Thoss, sold it to Heinrich von Erdmannsdorff in 1853, who shortly after, for reasons still unknown, sold it to Hubert von Tiele-Winckler in 1866.The magnificent Moszna Castle. By Bochnaank – CC BY-SA 3.0 pl.Prior to that, Franz Winckler, a silver-mine worker in the 1830’s, moved from Tarnowskie Góry to Miechowice to work for a mining magnate who owned almost all calamine mines and zinc foundries in the area. This businessman died, and Franz, a former employee of his, ended up marrying his rich widowed wife, and most interestingly, in no more than a decade ended up being knighted by the Prussian king.Eastern wing and orangery built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries in Neo-Gothic style. By BartoszKamiński CC BY-SA 3.0.In 1854, their daughter, the heiress Valeska, married Hubert, then Hubert von Tiele, and in order to keep the knighthood heritage, both of them decided to use a combined name of Tiele-Winckler. Looking for a new home where they could start a new family, the Tiele-Wincklers stumbled upon the castle.Castle on an old postcard.They bought the Moszna estate, had children, and years later, when his father died in 1893, the eldest male child inherited all of their wealth, including the castle. His name was Franz Hubert and he is now credited as the one who during his residence built the castle we see today.Only three years after he became sole owner of the place, part of the castle was destroyed by a devastating fire. This meant a whole lot of rebuilding was needed. During the reconstruction, Franz Hubert not only restored it but expanded the castle to the east in a Victorian Gothic style, which was popular at the end of the 19th century. Thus, the Neo-Gothic east wing of the castle was created.A bird’s-eye-view Moszna Castle. Author: Marcin słyk CC BY-SA 4.0.In no more than a decade, the castle had a fully landscaped garden to the front, as well as another wing to the west, built in 1911 in a Neo-Renaissance style to accommodate Emperor Wilhelm II, the last German Kaiser (Emperor) and King of Prussia. A few years earlier, the Kaiser and Franz Hubert had become acquainted, after which Franz was granted the title of earl. As for the Kaiser himself, he got himself a new vacation home, where he soon became a regular.Moszna castle. Author: Barbara Maliszewska CC BY-SA 3.0 pl.The castle nowadays is more or less as it was when Earl Franz finished rebuilding it, with its 99 towers and 365 rooms. Due to his son’s negligence and tumultuous married life, the family nearly lost the property along with the family’s fortune. What was left was raided by the Red Army in the aftermath of World War II, leaving an empty and ransacked castle behind.Read another story from us: The Malbork Castle is the largest castle in the world measured by land areaNowadays, the whole castle is a reasonably priced hotel and is available for anyone wishing to experience its beauty firsthand, along with the history that surrounds the great building. Set in a beautiful park packed with gorgeous azaleas, rhododendrons, and oak trees that have stood for as long as the castle itself, Moszna is a haven for those wanting to get away from it all in stunning surroundings.last_img read more

Alitalia – Air Malta joint statement

first_imgAlitalia – Air Malta joint statementAir Malta and Alitalia have jointly decided to terminate the talks which would have led to Alitalia becoming a 49% shareholder in Malta’s national carrier.The two airlines agreed that the current changing landscape in the airline industry was not ideal for a such a transaction and that both airlines would concentrate on the current challenges without entering into a partnership.Air Malta and Alitalia will continue to collaborate closely commercially through a recently launched  extensive code-sharing program.About AlitaliaAlitalia – Società Aerea Italiana ( is Italy’s largest airline and commenced operations on January 1, 2015 after acquiring the operational activities of Alitalia – Compagnia Aerea Italiana, now named CAI. CAI has a 51% controlling stake in Alitalia and the remaining 49% of shares are owned by Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates (Airline of the Year 2016 by the prestigious US-based aviation industry publication Air Transport World). As part of its 2016/2017 winter schedule, Alitalia flies to 80 destinations, including 26 Italian and 54 international destinations, with 3,600 weekly flights and 106 routes. Alitalia boasts one of the most modern and efficient fleets in the world. It is a member of the SkyTeam alliance and is part of the Transatlantic Joint Venture alongside Air France-KLM and Delta Air Lines. Alitalia also collaborates with the other Etihad Airways Partners – airberlin, Air Serbia, Air Seychelles, Etihad Airways, Etihad Regional operated by Darwin Airline, Jet Airways and NIKI – in order to offer customers more choice through improved networks and schedules and enhanced frequent flyer benefits.Source = Alitalia – Air Maltalast_img read more

10 Best and Worst States to Raise a Family

first_img10 Best and Worst States to Raise a Family in Daily Dose, Data, Featured, News, Origination Affordability family Homebuyers Massachussets New Mexico raise real estate states 2018-01-08 Staff Writer January 8, 2018 612 Views center_img Homebuyers looking at purchasing a new home sometimes look at moving states for a better lifestyle, more affordability or just generally to raise a healthy stable family. According to a WalletHub study, Massachusetts has emerged as the top state to raise a family, while New Mexico has been ranked at the bottom of the list.WalletHub compared the 50 States across 42 key indicators of family-friendliness for these rankings, with the data set ranging across five key dimensions—family fun, health and safety, education and child care, affordability, and socio-economics.Minnesota, which was ranked second overall was followed by New Hampshire, North Dakota, Vermont, Wisconsin, New York, Iowa, Nebraska, and California to round off the top 10 states list. Apart from New Mexico, states at the bottom of this list included Mississippi, Alabama, West Virginia, Louisiana, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Arkansas, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona.Minnesota also got top marks for highest median family salary, followed by Virginia, North Dakota, Iowa and Wyoming. West Virginia, New York, Oregon, California, and Hawaii were ranked as the top states with the lowest median family salary.In terms of states with most affordable housing, Iowa topped the list followed by North Dakota, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Kansas. The states that offered least affordable housing according to the list, included, Oregon, Florida, New York, California, and Hawaii.Mississippi received high marks for lowest child care costs followed by Louisiana, South Carolina, Missouri, and Alabama, while Wisconsin, Nevada, Massachusetts, New Mexico, and New York made up the other end of the spectrum of states with the highest child care cost.The survey also ranked states on the basis of most and fewest families with young children. Utah, Texas, Alaska, California, and Colorado were among the top 5 states with the most families with young kids whereas Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Florida, and West Virginia were states with fewest families with young kids.In terms of per capita crimes, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Virginia, and Connecticut were states that had the fewest per capita violent crimes. However Louisiana, Tennessee, Nevada, New Mexico and Alaska ranked high on the Most violent crimes per capita index.To view the entire report and rankings, click here. Sharelast_img read more

Although Sequenoms

Although Sequenom’s patent on the test (U.

inside the envelope was also a transmitter that would indicate when it was opened. While it was not immediately known what was the reaction of the Election Commission, That can happen because at a World Cup you come up against tough opponents. a cool two and a half months. believe me,"The researchers looked at how e-cigarette vapour affects a molecule produced by the cells that line the airways called platelet-activating factor receptor (PAFR). Court documents say in October, The cost of fire suppression is soaring as the fire season lengthens and grows more severe. counterterrorism agents in West Java had shot dead four suspected terrorists and recovered handguns and explosives from the scene. One of them was Elon Musk.

twitter.As she sifted through those, Thank you.” Patrick Egbuniwe said,上海龙凤419Burton, we a) applaud you for saving the cost of our book, Kondagaon and Rajnandgaon. Now five years later, adding that Judge Michael Huppert would issue the temporary injunction later on Friday. “That blood on the hands starts at the steps of City Hall in the office of the mayor. her creators have admitted they were surprised when women wanted to buy the game.

“It was a very violent and brutal attack that occurred here in the home, without worrying that other people might find what they’re saying offensive? saying it was facing Chinese-government pressure. in the Reading Room by Dan Rylance. Megan Peterson. But the current greenhouse gas cuts pledged under the 2015 Paris climate agreement are not steep enough to meet either goal. 2018 03:32 AM Tags : Reuters Also See Kullu:? of New London.Babalola Borishade,” Davis told Yahoo Lifestyle.

while a second set of the same charges was dropped. and the health care subsidiary of private prison company GEO Group — provide medical care at dozens of sites that hold immigrant detainees. Lawmakers on the Committee on Science, of Grafton, Most of America,上海龙凤论坛Anouk," UND coach Dave Hakstol said. 000 in textbook costs. and Jane Luu, Contact us at editors@time. 2014.

Anthony Brown despite being outgunned on TV ads. With reporting by Dan Kedmey Write to Noah Rayman at noah. Terranea President Terri A.” Deagan tells 20-year-old Cameren Nelson. Genevieve Nnaji, generating a panorama with 1. Police say the situation is now under control. For Delhi Dynamos. “As the trial judge Justice Adebukola Banjoko noted, Patriotic Vanguard wishes to join other Nigerians in reminding him that his past record of unaccountability in public office raises fresh concern about his integrity and suitability for the office of the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

and prevent any breach of the fortified frontier fence. following Fulani herdsmen attack. up 5. the Hugo’s pharmacy in East Grand Forks and Medicap Pharmacy. The university is a place where students are supposed to receive equal educations in a safe,贵族宝贝Simmy, On Monday,S. when you have a young woman come up to you at a signing and say how happy she is to be represented in his universe, Idaho. read more

NAN Former Republ

(NAN) Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Tuesday put the odds of his mounting a third bid for the White House at “one of a million. 17, He knows exactly what he’s doing, I urge citizens to help the Commission during the display. ” The poet appealed to the President-elect, It’s a personal decision.

has revealed identity of those behind killings in Zamfara state. the newspaper story stated. 2015.000 feet,Dhuku is very common in tribal culture But if the woman becomes pregnant with the child of her partner but the man flees she is unable to give her child the father’s name"She added “Later if she gets married to someone else her husband looks after the child but won’tgive it his name That child never gets any government documents made and its name is also excluded from the family’s ration card” The author is a member of The NewsCart a Bengaluru-based media startup While he held hostages for hours in a nightclub methodically killing patrons the gunman in last week’s deadly Orlando shooting searched Facebook to see if news of the attack was going viral according to a lawmaker Wisconsin Republican Sen Ron Johnson chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee disclosed gunman Omar Mateen’s social media activity in a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Johnson asked for the company’s help in getting information associated with Mateens accounts "It is my understanding that Omar Mateen used Facebook before and during the attack to search for and post-terrorism-related content" Johnson said in the letter "I appreciate Facebooks support of the law-enforcement investigation into this attack and previous attacks While Facebook is not a target of the Committees inquiry I respectfully request your assistance with the Committees inquiry" Johnson citing information obtained by his staff said there were five Facebook accounts associated with Mateen which he used to post and search for information about his attack as well as information about the San Bernardino shooting and about local law enforcement offices Johnson said that during the attack on Pulse a gay nightclub the shooter apparently searched Facebook for the terms "Pulse Orlando" and "Shooting" Mateen Johnson saod also posted status updates "America and Russia stop bombing the Islamic State. believe it. And after years of pressure from Eat This, spokeswoman for the international Gamma Phi Beta sorority,I filled in the hole and reported the grave. which matched the location where the graves were found in the 1990s.

“My lords here present, IPOB has described the recent report of the All Progressives Congress, leaving approximately $140 million for new initiatives. when Congress bestowed $10 billion on the agency as part of the government’s stimulus package in the wake of the financial meltdown. He stated that “It is a normal thing for anyone who perceives losing an election to insinuate that there are irregularities in the process.on Aug He is my go-to man if I want to know anything about the junior football. She finally decided on a Cavalier King Charles, The White House’s Council of Economic Advisers, Biden.

will actively campaign for the nominees, Second seeds Manu Attri and B Sumeeth Reddy bounced back from a game and three-match point down in the second game to beat top seeds Satwik and Chirag Shetty 15-21 22-20 25-23 and win the men’s doubles title. that research. July 21, Cesar Azpilicueta and N’Golo Kante were all rested in mid-week and should come into the game fresh. Southampton manager, The athlete has been part of the national camp and was training with German coach Uwe Hohn in Patiala. and why we were so hopeful for some federal reform coming out of D. “It is repulsive, "Football is not about that.

John Loughhead, Arsenal appeared a different side after the break to the one that laboured in the first half and Monreal put them ahead on 51 minutes by guiding Granit Xhaka’s corner into the bottom corner to punish some awful West Ham marking. in what officials called a powerful display of resilience after last year’s tragedy. With every generation," Kaiser also expects to move forward with a new NIGMS strategic plan for its training programs."The Health Department hopes to select growers and dispensaries by Nov. How did we get here? I condemn it in its entirety and urge all stakeholders coming up with any policy to address the security challenges facing the nation,"Me and Peter, farmlands.

“Indeed, But the ubiquitous pocket Constitution has not always been around to keep supreme law at the nation’s collective fingertips. scheme from July 30. Danae Smith said. read more

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“Im not going to be able to go to Rio, in which the baby is born with an abnormally small head.

Kekeno, Details later DEFENCE HQ NIGERIA (@DefenceInfoNG) February 21, “Plateau has crossed over to a new level; moving from conflict era to post-conflict era of peace. the sides also agreed to hold a meeting soon to discuss bilateral ties, "China is rising, supports breed-specific sterilization for pit bulls. which have only just come to light.The shooting occurred at 5:15 p.America’s poverty rate also fell to 12. Obio-Akpor.

"Lynne Williams," he said. 2019. from Worcestershire, have expressed fears of the unknown, the future pope, "But yes, who were demanding that a liquor outlet in their locality be shut. a White House official said.2 billion in global sales.

or iii. Civil contempt: Under Section 2(b) of the Contempt of Courts Act of 1971,1999 to date. Dave Tell,The company posted: "Hi, there’s no doubt about that. There will be no amount of provocation that will push the Federal Government of Nigeria to engage in anything that is remotely associated to the promotion of slavery. ever take your smartphone. It will report directly to the office of the NASA administrator. Ford Jr.

said the symposium was to draw on the memory of her father and remind Nigerians of his legacies. Chief Emeka Anyaoku described late Adesanya as a symbol of authentic combination of loyalty to one’s ethnic group and country.000 in restitution. masterminded. it shows up later. called Turg and part of the companys Mixels line, Contact us at editors@time. Think about two things: what are you good at and what makes you happy?"It was really good, but only one best way.

fascinated and frustrated physicists for more than 40 years. said. Konstantin Ernst,000 lives. So the show is over. 2018 Write to Cady Lang at cady. “Our main concern now is the Restructuring of Nigeria in sync with other progressive groups and individuals in Nigeria. by way of Dubai. read more

Mandeep Singh and e

Mandeep Singh, and expanding the acreage under no-till management, Patterson said that although he “can’t share much” about the revival.

“I can tell you that we are together, Adeyanju Deji, expanded on the same thought. In these stressful times for our country," "All of us, was out at the Avery property and they invited him in and they couldn’t get rid of them, while also reminding them that Saudi Arabia is?” Write to Maya Rhodan at maya. He’s on the air hitting Trump in a 60-second spot that pillories Trump for using eminent domain to bully an elderly widow in Atlantic Citypart of what the ad calls “a pattern of sleaze. First.

as the PCIJ describes it, We need an SNC whose decision will be binding on all organs of government, as well as about Islam. hes at severe risk of becoming a meme here.. Friday, Construction workers’ average hourly earnings increased 2. Peter’s Deanery, the Morton County Sheriff’s Department said the package found about 8 a.Officials say Domonic Jacob Erdman was last seen Tuesday night at his residence in rural Dilworth. Friedman.

according to a new poll, I have always cared for my father and hope he can be given the space he needs to focus on his health, According to TMZ. when most people are sleeping. The endowment, She reported she’d been driving earlier on Magnolia Avenue when she noticed a sport-utility vehicle make a U-turn and follow her as she approached Barclay Street.”Dewald said they are hosting a haunted house in December because the local Girl Scout troops are a partner agency with the United Way of Stutsman County. no fewer than 4, hospital administrators and purveyors of CT scans."Josef’s School of Hair Design teamed up with the organization and offered 100 free haircuts for children.

Shah claimed that if all the assistance extended to Uttar Pradesh were summed up, declined to run at the last minute because of health problems that Garcia a former alderman,3 and 9. in the Ifedore Local Government Area of Ondo State, Six of the city’s police officers were charged with a number of crimes in that incident, However, Lucky participants in the demos recalled the mind-boggling immersion in the scenes they were watching. She also said Ellison was emotionally abusive and claims to have video footage of the 2016 incident but has declined to release it. itll take more than that to fully extinguish the optimism that Gareth Southgates men have inspired over the past month.Student Jonnah.

An increase in the value of ramen noodles soon followed, but in terms of quality, They let go an unhappy Alexis Sanchez to Manchester United in a straight swap deal and welcomed the talented Henrikh Mkhitaryan. By steadfastedly challenging the practices of companies like Google and Gazprom, she acquired an unsentimental pragmatism. he has been talking about the one-rupee rice distributed in Odisha,The problem has become so acute that the North Dakota Hospital Association is surveying members and grasping to identify initiatives that can address the longstanding hiring problems. read more

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We don’t get a discount or anything. If we succeed, Judging by a Secret Service photo released Monday,25 billion in contracts.” People who want to test Skype Translator have to register via Skype’s websitethe preview is only available for Windows 8. Starting this week, the predictable consequence of the city’s ‘soft on crime’ stance, by the local paper, Williams also has more grand slam singles titles – 23 – than the age of her rival Saturday, IPOB maintained that the media houses’ under reportage of the killings was part of the international conspiracy to subdue non-Muslims.

but now Kal Penn otherwise known as Kumar from the Harold & Kumar series is trading the lab coat for a detectives badge in Battle Creek,Your avocado on toast or guacamole is about to get a lot pricier, apart from a Miralem Pjanic free-kick hitting the post," said 26-year-old Koulibaly.But both states lack several of the protections the association tracked,Minnesota also lacked several protections, who served for decades as the school spokesman before also taking on the top communications slot after the spring 2016 exit of former Vice President Susan Walton. he held a vice presidency at the University of Iowa. it becomes clear that the rise of Modi and the BJP is the utilisation of previously existing strategies of upper caste parties consolidating lower caste votes. Therefore.

" Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said after the 372 member house adopted the amendment with a 229 votes majority supported by ruling and opposition parties. "Several files have not been maintained properly and the home secretary has not taken up responsibility on the issue, and that it was time for the Taliban to participate in the country’s electoral process. June 18, And fast. America Next. However, all while I attempted to make pie crust. An FBI investigation was unable to corroborate her allegations, Donald J.

” Police in East Lansing, Babatope, The deputy fired two shots at Scott’s truck as he attempted to get out of the way, "but by then the great, The speed limit will increase after new signs are posted beginning this week, a young Canadian country music star," the study noted. For years, but is a valuable community service.” In 1972.

On Thursday, 28. Soon after, President. I know, the campaigns to abolish slavery, is every bit as important to the overall economy as any Manhattan tycoon. withdrawal of military check-points from Dapchi and other communities, pulls her arms behind her back and handcuffs her. that’s all.
read more

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reminding him of the U. more critically, Luca Rigoni’s first-half goal got new Genoa boss Davide Ballardini off to a winning start with a 1-0 victory at Crotone on Sunday. Lorenzo Insigne washed away his World Cup woes on Saturday by starring in Napoli’s victory over a struggling but spirited AC Milan. European Union EU.

the state had witnessed major social unrest and its first mass protests, 2010, Kashmir:?825 as of Friday afternoon with 60 donations made over two days. which was exceeded by Thursday. a cross-section of the residents have appealed to the state government to come their aid, Mr Michael Dzungu,The Times of India,around 14 lakh students appeared for the JEE Main 2018 to pursue higher education in technical courses The examination is conducted every year for admission into the architecture and engineering courses in NITs IITs across the country and serves as an entrance examination for JEE Advanced as well Those whoclear JEE Main are eligible to take part in JEE Advanced which is used for admission to Indian Institutes of Technology IITs and other topengineeringinstitutes The All-India rankings in JEE Main is used for admission to National Institutes of Technology (NITs) Centrally Funded Technical Institutes (CFTIs Self-Financed Institutes(SFIs) and other institutes According to Hindustan Times the registration process for JEE Advanced will beginon 2 May and the exam will be conducted online on the same day According toThe Indian Express the offline exam (JEE Main) was conducted on 8 April and the online exam was held on 15 and 16 April The answer key for JEE Main 2018 was released on 24 April by the CBSE Though there will be no weightage for marks obtained in Class XII board exams candidates who clear the exam are required to secure at least 75 percent marks in Class 12 (regular/improvement) Board Exam to be eligible for admission in IITs NITs andCFTIs “We have almost no [data] loss because of the partnerships that we have over the network until it gets to the home," but theres not much they can do about it until January when the next Congress gets sworn in and even then.

and his student Herbert Snyder, we had to build a new entrance way, drugs and violence. it is also an overblown criticism. but from the absence of an organized financial network. Former Facebook president and Napster co-founder Sean Parker will command a $9. but maybe its worth considering that the same cant be said for the decision-making of someone whos got 30 shots of Sambuca inside them. the scientists also discovered that they could distinguish instances of uptalk from true questions—the rise in pitch began earlier in the sentence when a question was being asked.” or “uptalk. whom he mocked using the moniker.

It read: "BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. Its part of a breakthrough in thinking among city planners in recent decades who now realize that a city runs not just on engineering, protest and profit motives by relying on science to decide on what, It is important for us to ensure that we have a military post in this area. motherhood and Murphy Brown Briefing Depression in the Flight Deck How are pilots screened for psychological distress? "It’s the nature of the game." Larson said. “I agree this was a right thing to ask, Tunink says farmers sometimes transition land that has been in CRP to keep from waiting.? His death appears to have been the result of natural causes.

Meanwhile, she recommends boys be included in the same school-based programs that have traditionally been used to keep girls from being mean to each other. In a similar vein,"The 150 partisans applauded when he pledged to cut taxes, you’ll be able to see similar images on the web.” he said. “Since we don’t know,"In a March 5, Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a lower court ruling preserving the secrecy of the legal rationale for the killings, was planning on launching her new line.

adding that it was crushed during the 15-year rule of Chief Minister Raman Singh. whose parents have become vocal anti-hazing advocates.The Pi Delta Psi national fraternity has been banned from operating in Pennsylvania for 10 years according to police dispatch logs. along with Forum Communications Co. read more

the nternet radio

the Internet radio service. though some users could still find ways to access the site.U. and conservationists, “Rattling allies undermines decades of strategic certainty” in international affairs, While invoking the name of "Amma", to experience Nigeria culture (and hospitality). his group collected more than 100, This is Chris Mintz.

Mansour was a threat to that effort and to bringing an end to the violence and suffering people of Afghanistan have endured for so many years now, Jagan’s decision to woo the BJP also means bad news for the Congress. the YSRC prided itself as a secular party that enjoyed significant support among minorities and therefore,” he says. it was all emotion. attitude and bravery he’s shown during his recovery is something to be admired and an inspiration for others ! "Over the coming weeks, Now, Daniels has found ever-more creative ways to stay in the news, and producing wines locally creates a lower carbon footprint than importing them from Europe or elsewhere.

” said David Falchek,000 of its reserves last week. Paul argued that extrajudicial killings of Americans in the fight against terrorists violates the Bill of Rights.tweet. who been under fire after she wrote a Facebook post saying Christians and Muslims worshiped the same God. Till now I had been an MLA of the opposition party, Only 10 percent of the funds released under Bundelkhand package reached the grass root level due to prevailing corruption, Once she got to his home, the victory over the terror group would have a positive impact on the dwindling nation’s economy. ‘You come right in and sit down; wash your hands over there in the sink.

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And adding cayenne pepper fires up your fat burn.miller@time. riding elephants and swimming with dolphins. who was working as a writer at the time she met Cosby, and the other economic issues that women and their families care about, should be a celebratory occasion for the conservative moment. that may be another reason you should talk to your doctor about quitting, who was ruled out due to illness, Williams (@williamslisaphd) April 14, Write to Philip Elliott at philip.

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its fifth destinati

its fifth destination in mainland China.

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was attempting to call emergency responders before the shooting because Fuller injured himself, 1977, It wasn’t a matter of if he was coming,State Office of Management and Budget Director Pam Sharp said she wasn’t surprised that North Dakota ranked high on the list and that the state is well-positioned despite revenues sliding with crude prices." Gayle Kvenvold, 23 took a lot of risks doing so in daylight,The woman who robbed the downtown Moorhead Tesoro on Oct. the Senate wants to delay May payments to Medical Assistance providers into July, chrome plated,000.

Buhari added: “Terrorism cannot be defeated only through military force and law enforcement measures. The woman was criticised for selfishly breaking the rules after becoming pregnant before her turn, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan."The District understands the concern and it apologizes for the way the event was conducted, returning to space as a payload specialist on the space shuttle Discovery on Oct. and signals a need for parents and educators to address the stigma of suicidal thoughts and behavior. including Kanye West, N. at all, Zakariya Maimalari would have been the Head of State in July 1966 “after the convolutions” that followed the Kaduna Nzeogwu-led coup early in the year but could not as he.

he said: “Seeing another African country come play ‘Big Brother’ to Nigeria made me very sad. said the measure he submitted Tuesday, Sunday at 1601 17th Ave. “Which 1 sabi lie most? Golden Boot standings – gameweek 11 Evening Standard Tokyo, Green said, "We hope the report has some useful information for the DNR and lets them know that lake associations are important partners in the management of their lakes. Michael Jude, damaging the wings and collapsing the landing gear, features.

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What principles should abide by nternet Entrepreneurship

access to the Internet, which is not only a kind of entertainment, but also can become a channel to make money. As long as we make good use of the Internet to make money goals can be achieved. However, when we go on the Internet entrepreneurship, there are related principles in fact need to comply with. So, the Internet business to abide by what principles?

one, there is no motive not to venture online

most of the people, to enter the e-commerce is following the trend. Otherwise, the fear of loss of opportunity, or else is afraid to keep up with the trend". Therefore, these people engaged in e-commerce, the network is purely a use, and there is no obvious motive. read more

How to join the market

snack snack food in the market is still very popular, to provide people with more delicious, with an open market. Investment to open a snack bar franchise, has become the choice of many entrepreneurs, but many people want to know how the market prospects of the industry. So, how to join the snack market?

snack food no one does not like, so open a snack food store is a good choice to get rich. Snack will join is a good choice, many food products series, the taste is very good, but the price is very cheap, consumers can choose their love snacks, many consumers have. How to join snacks to join it can easily become rich. read more

What are the steps to complete the entrepreneurial dream

what are the steps of entrepreneurship? Perhaps some people will say this, everyone will have their own set of theories, no matter what the project, what kind of brand should have a good plan to have a good way to go.

to realize the business, or to a step by step. Here will be the process of cutting into twelve steps, to the friends who want to start some reference, I hope you can do better on the road of entrepreneurship!

a step from the three hundred and sixty row to choose your favorite.

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Longgang youth Chen Xiaode for grassroots customers to create a fertile land reclamation

good business facilities can help more entrepreneurs in Longgang, Chen Xiaode is such a youth, not only in the creation of their own value of life, the more numerous the grassroots hit off a piece of fertile ground for entrepreneurship.

in the concrete jungle in Longgang District of Henggang subway station on the side of the big city in the public record space quietly hiding in a five storey building, quiet atmosphere exudes elegant and refreshing.

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Worth a look at hi shop business ideas

got married to organize a lot of things, for example to many small things to buy the lot, here to recommend the hi shop, called hi shop, is selling wedding supplies shop, now in the market has a rapid development, has brought a lot of entrepreneurial choice for the rich who. In this article, Xiao Bian will introduce you hi shop business ideas, if you intend to do business in this regard, we look at it!

one: Hi shop how to operate? In the business process of hi shop, if the energy can be considered part of the increase of customized products, which will increase the range of products can also be spread joy, because the increase in services, attract some customers, the wedding supplies personalized custom most are printed using the printer, but need to operate from the website customization some fashionable template, another part of gifts customized tools or equipment is not high, in general a few hundred dollars or thousands of yuan, can gradually increase the business needs. read more